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I’m going to tell you a story….

9 April 2018

I’m going to tell you a story……

In the Hampshire countryside there lived an old gentleman whose life was turned upside down when his wife died. He carried on, well you have to, but leading a life when he didn’t go out that much and meet many people. Very regrettably he too died last year. The local community came together to clear his bungalow for the family who were also quite old and lived a long way away.

They found a house full of trinkets, old papers and unopened boxes, also a wooden box full of pennies and two pennies pieces.

This box and contents has been donated to Horsell Scouts and Guides for the May Fayre and is on show at the Raffle Tent for you to guess the amount. The closest to the actual amount will win a guaranteed prize of£10.My guess was £18.51 – it was wrong!

Richard, May Fayre Chairman.