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Beavers camp space

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3rd Horsell Brownies Visit Eagle Radio

22nd June 2017 – Eagle radio studio tour
The 3rd Horsell Brownies visited eagle radio studios as part of their speaker badge.
They were warmly welcomed by eagle radio and shown the many different aspects of producing a radio show.
During their visit they:

Rang the bell which signified that the sales team had made money.
Had a live interview with Lewis Mason on the drive-time show.
Recorded their own interview with each other.
Interviewed the newscaster and the sales team leader.
Saw where major meetings were held.
Learnt to be quiet while on air.

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3rd Horsell guides visit to Woking Fire station

On the 22nd June 2017 3rd Horsell Guides visited Woking fire station tonight as part of our Fire Safety Badge. <P>The firemen were brilliant. The girls learnt so much and got to see them head out on 2 shouts in the time we were there. <P>In addition to all the excitement a total of 5 girls made their promise dressed in fire fighting gear.<P>Then everyone got to spray the hoses.

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Beavers Artful Gardening 10th May 2017

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Grand May Fayre May 1st 2017

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This year for Halloween we had a mischievous make-up artist named Tinna Tra in to jazz up our faces. By the end everyone was sticky with cosmetics and looked rather terrifying. Then we tried it upon ourselves, and some people ended up with disturbing images upon their foreheads.

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Rev. Sarah Hayes Vicar of St. Marys in Horsell for over two years kindly devoted her time to give us an inspirational speech on the importance of Shrove Tuesday and how we can get involved. She told us that many people give up alcohol and food in lent to understand what Jesus went through for 40 days. She went onto inform us where the use of pancakes came from. A long time ago people used up their spare flour, butter, eggs and fatty substances to make pancakes before they fasted …

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The world scout jamboree took place in Kirarahama Yamaguchi in western Japan from the 28th July to 8th august 2015. It was attended by over 33,000 scouts and a team of almost 8,000 service members. I spent about 2 and a half weeks experiencing Japan and I got to stay with a Japanese family for a few days to experience everyday life in Japan. We then went up to Yamaguchi for the camp where we got to meet people from around the world, trading badges, doing different activities like; hikes, …

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Indoor pioneering

What a night! Where else can you play with large sticks and tie rope to it? I certainly can’t at home. I was a new young pioneer into this field of wood crafting 😉 . We made a table, which was definitely knot up to scratch, now everything we do is perfect….almost. Percy, a budding explorer, tried to use this as a bed, however he broke it….oh no…turns out a table can’t be a bed….who would have guessed that? What a rookie mistake! I for one know my tables …

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Into the unknown

Martian Explorers stretched their legs and burnt a few calories and I only mean a few, by hiking from a mysterious carpark in the middle of the common to McLaren Park passing through the memorial garden along the way. The hike took over an hour and taught us about our local history. As a unit we have learnt about the 27 fallen Muslim soldiers who fought in either WW1 or WW2. They never received a proper memorial until 2015. After an extremely arduous journey we arrived in the McLaren …

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