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Here’s a few insights into the life of a Martian

Christmas Extravaganza

2 course meals at the Wheatsheaf were just what the doctor ordered, or Martian leaders. Mixed with the delicious food and fabulous company the Explorers let their hair down and enjoyed a sociable evening. It got off to a cracking start with the usual bad jokes, flipping frogs and cheesy Christmas jumpers. Sadly it was one of our most dedicated leaders last evening. Roy has been a part of the Martian and Ventures group for over 20 years and is now taking a much needed break. All the Explorers send …

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Challenge camp

Challenge camp was a weekend full of activities and challenges for each Explorer unit in Woking where they tested 3 wheeled bikes that each unit had built. It consisted of races, slaloms, sprints and small marathons. We also had to do skits for the campfire and a quiz. Martians had a rough start on Saturday doing badly in some of the races and the quiz ending up last by the end of Saturday. But on Sunday we stepped up our game and got the hang of our bike and started …

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Bush craft

Bin bags for a bracelet? Try doing a jewellery night then giving your girlfriend this as a gift….turns out it’s as romantic as you’d think. Moving on, here we learnt to use this renewable source of material for a chord in which people like Bear Grylls (and me someday) can use for making rope. This was absolutely insane, or as the kids in the town would call “mental”! If I am to ever be lost on the way back from college and find myself in need of rope, at least …

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In February the Martians Explorer’s had a visit from Scorpion boot camp who run regular boot camp sessions on the Wheatsheaf Recreation ground, for a variety of ages (even the oldies). They came to us to promote their new boot camp sessions for under 16’s. We endured an hour and a half of intense workout consisting of push ups, plank, burpees, and squats and jogging on the spot. They informed us on the importance in keeping good general fitness and what foods are good to eat.All of the group now …

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Bows and Marshmallows

Martian Explorers were armed for the evening with bows and soft ended arrows all in the name of sport. This was archery with a twist; we shot into a net, through a hoop, drop-shot into a bin and aimed at moving targets. This evening tested our archery skills, rather unfortunately human targets were not allowed! But to make up for this, because only four explorers could shoot at a time, while waiting the rest of us had to make do with Nerf guns and shooting at cans to begin with …

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