2 June 2016

In February the Martians Explorer’s had a visit from Scorpion boot camp who run regular boot camp sessions on the Wheatsheaf Recreation ground, for a variety of ages (even the oldies). They came to us to promote their new boot camp sessions for under 16’s. We endured an hour and a half of intense workout consisting of push ups, plank, burpees, and squats and jogging on the spot. They informed us on the importance in keeping good general fitness and what foods are good to eat.

All of the group now understands the highly important reason for exercising regularly and eating healthy. We also did team building exercises such as piggy backs and wheelbarrow races this enabled us to learn how to work better collectively as a team. We all found the exercise rewarding and found out the benefits of exercise and why doing it regularly and in moderation is significant. We also did a ski sit challenge at the end when Daniel won by enduring a ski sit for 7 minutes. It was very tiring!

Several found the exercise a bit too much and nearly took a turn for the worse and many others found the exercise too demanding down to a lack of regular exercise. However, this session has encouraged many too keep fit as they are aware that a lack of exercise causes heart failure and obesity. Overall the experience was very beneficial to all of us at the Martians Explorer Scout unit and we are looking forward to doing this again.