Bows and Marshmallows

2 June 2016

Martian Explorers were armed for the evening with bows and soft ended arrows all in the name of sport. This was archery with a twist; we shot into a net, through a hoop, drop-shot into a bin and aimed at moving targets. This evening tested our archery skills, rather unfortunately human targets were not allowed! But to make up for this, because only four explorers could shoot at a time, while waiting the rest of us had to make do with Nerf guns and shooting at cans to begin with and then things escalated and we started aiming at each other. This was a great evening that all the explorers thoroughly enjoyed, despite the constant search for the off target arrows; Robin Hood eat your heart out! If you want to try this out for yourself Tag Archery will be at the Grand May Fayre this year.

By Lucy Longley