Bush craft

2 June 2016

Bin bags for a bracelet? Try doing a jewellery night then giving your girlfriend this as a gift….turns out it’s as romantic as you’d think. Moving on, here we learnt to use this renewable source of material for a chord in which people like Bear Grylls (and me someday) can use for making rope. This was absolutely insane, or as the kids in the town would call “mental”!

If I am to ever be lost on the way back from college and find myself in need of rope, at least this night has given me the chance to learn vital skills! They were pretty impressive too, knowing how to light bark and fungus, as well as showing us this huge knife….and by huge, I mean huge!! When I grow up, if I ever feel like being an adventurer, I’m going to walk into Horsell Common and as quoted in of Mice and Men “live off the fatta the land”.