Rangers Uniform

What The Senior Section wear

Young women in The Senior Section wear different uniform depending on what they are doing or where they’re going. Members of The Senior Section often agree with their unit what uniform to wear for unit meetings.

Uniform items

All young women should have a uniform top that they wear with with appropriate bottoms for the occasion.
The uniform consists of:
Polo shirt
Grey hoodie 
Ice hoodie 
Rugby shirt 
Formal blouse
Spectacular hoodie

Formal uniform

For formal occasions, girls can wear a uniform blouse with a smart black/navy skirt or trousers – for example what they wear to school. They can also wear a navy suit of their own choice.
There are two scarves that members of The Senior Section can choose to wear for formal occasions – square tiled, and long tiled. These can be worn with a scarf ring or in a knot.

Other uniform options

The Senior Section Spectacular Hoodie will be official uniform until 31 December 2016.
Peer Educators can wear the 4 t-shirt if they are delivering Peer Education sessions or representing 4 at other occasions when uniform is worn.
The Rugby Shirt is no longer official uniform but members of The Senior Section can wear it as casual wear.


Neckerchiefs are optional for members of The Senior Section, although they should not wear neckerchiefs with full formal uniform.
If your unit chooses to wear neckerchiefs then girls can choose from the range sold by Trading Services.
At international events, members of The Senior Section should wear the formal blouse with the UK international neckerchief along with, or instead of, a national neckerchief for either Girlguiding Cymru, Scotland or Ulster

Badges and uniform

Members of The Senior Section should follow these guidelines for displaying their badges:
Promise badges – wear on a badge tab or on the left-hand side – closest to the heart. A metal pin Promise badge should be given on making the Promise not a woven trefoil badge.
Challenge badges – girls can choose to sew these onto their uniform top.
Union Flag Badge (order code 4079) – this badge should be worn at international events on the left shoulder of the uniform top.